Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas in a blur...

...because that's how it felt! It was busy, fun, and tiring with four little people who definitely needed more sleep than they got!
We started off celebrating with Tyler's family in mid-December. Pa and Nana came for Jack and Trey's school Christmas program and stayed the weekend with us. I didn't even have all the stockings hung yet... I was waiting for Tyler to place another nail for Tess's stocking! Decorating went a lot slower for sure this year with a baby in the house.
Christmas morning at our house! Tyler had to work Christmas Day this year, but he was able to go in for the evening shift so we could spend the morning together. What a blessing!
Boys in their jammies! And, as of today... the living room still isn't cleaned up. Hmmm... Guitar Hero World Tour. Not sure if this was for the boys or for the Dad. Either way, these boys can rock. The Mom, on the other hand, has some work to do. I got kicked singing Michael Jackson's "Beat It." Can you believe that? I know, I was shocked too.
Tyler had some time off around New Year's, so we headed to Mom and Dave's in Fort Wayne for stop one of our trip. Trey got the circle sled that he asked for from Garrett and Natalie. Thanks guys... that's way better than a bunch of random weapons (scroll down to Jack and Trey's Christmas list post if you missed it!).
At Mom and Dave's. We're missing at least half a dozen kids in this picture...
Onto Dad and Kim's in Cincinnati for the remainder of our trip. This picture shows one of my favorite parts of Christmas at their house... the stockings (22 here in all - isn't that awesome?!)!
Thought this picture captured the chaos well! :)
Silly stocking stuffers!
Thanks so much to all of our families for housing, feeding and loving on us. We love being with you!! Your gifts were so generous, and now we need to get rid of some old toys to make everything fit!

We're still recovering from the trip... Tess got her first tooth the day after we got home (that explained a lot!), and Trey missed his first day back to school today due to a fever. Whew, we're pooped! Now, I'm off to try to find my living room floor again. Oh, and to buy some batteries.

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