Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary...

I hear this phrase often in my house: "Mom, can we do an activity?"

Now this is code for different things depending on the child.

Jack: It has to involve multiple, complicated steps with materials that we never have on hand, like a laser beam or a jet engine.

Trey: It's crafty and artistic in nature, but make it simple, or he'll get frustrated easily. This will make him whine for a half hour straight, all while I'm in the middle of making supper, the phone is ringing, and the baby needs to eat.

Chase: Lay lots of paper towel down, and plan on at least one spill of the paint rinse water. If scissors are involved, clear out anything of value, including all clothes that he is wearing. Oh, and be prepared to intervene every 12 seconds.

So when they ask to do an activity, my first logical response is, "Sure, who wants to color?!"

Of course not. It could never be that easy.

Plain old coloring has lost my children's interest, especially in the wintertime - when all of a sudden nothing is as interesting as it used to be.

So we resorted to this, and it was a huge hit:

Put them on the floor, and miracles happen. I'm not sure why this is, but somehow by simply changing the location, coloring became the coolest adventure ever. And they were entertained for more than 15 minutes. No water spilled, scissor slits through pants or lasers needed. And I barely intervened (except to help Chase practice writing his name). Sometimes I have to stop being 35 and get into the head of a 7, or 6, or 2 year old... and what do you know?

The ordinary becomes extraordinary all over again.

I should have gone to college for this stuff.

Surviving the Winter, one small extraordinary moment at a time...


Danielle said...

I can't believe you don't have laser beams or jet engines out in the garage... LOL. I think Jack needs to be an engineer or something along those lines to put that waaay to smart for his age head to good use.

Tyler and Whitney said...

Jack just walked into the room with his new Lego creation and said, "Hi Mom, I've just been working on some new technology". He makes my head hurt. :)