Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Easter Story...

Although we downplay the Easter Bunny quite a bit, somehow three growing boys still believe. I'm not even sure we've ever admitted to there being an Easter bunny. But he's famous now, because this year he got the credit for bringing the Star Wars movies into our house. You should have heard three boys squealing like little girls. No candy necessary.
Twas the night before Easter... and we panicked. The Star Wars Easter Egg Color Kit was no where to be found, and time was running out. Each boy had admired the box at length: Jack read the back of the box at breakfast several mornings. Chase carried it around with him for days, following me, asking me if today was the day we could color eggs. Trey might have even slept with it one night. But when crunch time came, the treasured box was MIA. Every boy claimed that another boy had it last. So instead of the much looked forward to TIE-fighter egg, we would have to use the boring, plain colors left over from the year before.
The disappointment didn't last long though, because plain ol' egg
coloring can even make a busy adult happy.
Jack still dressed up like a Jedi even though the Star Wars theme was compromised.
We don't have to think too long around here before we find a pretty
decent excuse to make sugar cookies...
With no family in town for us, we were blessed to spend the Saturday before Easter at the Brovonts for an Easter Egg Hunt. Many of our great friends were there - even the Brookes and the Wombles were able to make the trip from out of town! We started out with brunch...
What a fun table! These kids have played together since they were babies, and my, have we added to the numbers over the years!
Jack and Tess waiting for the hunt to start... Ready for the rules (and our first attempt at a group picture!)... And the hunt begins (ah, and the satisfying scene of children running in open spaces)!
I think Chase stopped each time he found an egg to eat what was inside. Scary thought.Although these pictures might give the impression that Easter for us is about eggs and bunnies, what you don't see captured here was our study as a family of the TRUE Easter story.

Six days before Easter Sunday, we got out our two sets of Resurrection Eggs by Family Life. Before bed during our reading time, we piled onto Jack or Trey's bed and opened two eggs each night. Inside of these eggs (12 in all) are objects that help tell the story of Jesus' death and resurrection. There is a wonderful devotional booklet that comes with the eggs that points to specific scripture and helps to complete the story. Let me just say that the boys could not WAIT for the next night to open up two more eggs. They were begging to go onto the next part of the story! What a meaningful week we had in the Word being reminded of the real reason we celebrate Easter!

The Family Life website says it best: "The Easter holiday may be the best time to tell your children of their need for Christ."


Tyler and Whitney said...

No pictures of this, but Dad and Kim shocked us Easter morning by showing up at our church unannounced! I walked into the lobby and there they were! Wow. What a wonderful surprise to be able to attend Easter services with them. Thanks guys!

Melissa said...

Looks like you had a wonderful holiday! Wish we could have been there for the hunt!