Saturday, August 8, 2009

Now I know why...

Remember the Summer Rewind Series (SRS for short... catchy, huh?) on this blog last summer? Well now I know why I had to do that. I originally thought it was because I had a newborn and was nursing half my life away at the time (wanna bet?). Turns out, summer itself just does that to me (although it's still good to blame a newborn for a lot of things). And summer should.

I neglect the inside and soak up every minute of fresh air I can get. I work in the yard when the little ones are napping, monitor bike riding on the road in front of our house, hand out lots of Bomb Pop Jr.'s to the neighbor kids. I drive a van load of kids (yes, they're all mine) to a different park than the day before after Tess's morning nap, and pack a lunch so we don't have to come back home until it's time for her afternoon one.

I've watched cute little baseball players come into their own, and took three very happy boys to four straight weeks of swimming lessons. And oh yes, there were the children to feed. And bathe. Unless of course Tyler talked me into pool time taking the place of bath time.

Hey, it's summer.

So I find myself catching up again, and I'm not one bit bothered by it. Because summer makes me care a whole lot less about things like this. I'd rather be in the back yard, reading with my six year old, smushed right next to him in the middle of the hammock.

(I get really sweaty sitting that close to someone, but it's worth it when it's your boy.)

So, at the risk of sounding repetitive and a bit uncreative, I'm committing this week to catching you up on our summer. Don't hold your breath for too long...

It looks a lot like last summer.

Minus the newborn, that is.

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