Monday, October 26, 2009


What have I done?

I am trying to become un-boring.

My wardrobe is mostly solids.

I thrive on order and as little clutter as possible.

I have a plain ole silver minivan. Just like the other 27 Odysseys parked in the preschool parking lot.

I'm as non-frilly as it gets.

I'm horrible at accessorizing.

I've carried the same solid red billfold for the last 10 years.

And now...

I've changed my blog.

I don't think I can do it. I went for a change (um, to be honest, I changed the background about six times, hoping one would grow on me). And now, I want the plain, old boring black back.

But it's late, once again.

And I'm all backgrounded out.

Maybe I'll change my mind tomorrow.

I don't know. Maybe it's not so much that I'm boring.

Maybe I just don't like....



Melissa said...

Whitney, I can't read your blog. I was able to read it in Google reader, but when I clicked on it to see this new background, the text was the same color as the background, so it didn't show up. Maybe change isn't a good thing for you. :)
hope you are doing well.

Melissa said...

Ok, now I can see it. What happened? Maybe I am crazy, you probably don't want to publish my comments, then everyone else will think that I am crazy. It just didn't show up the first time. Wierd.

Tyler and Whitney said...

Not crazy... I think I was in the middle of changing background colors/fonts when you checked it! I would do myself a favor to just leave everything alone! :) Love your new blog!! :)

Anonymous said...

oh man! You changed it back to black before I could even see it! (or maybe it's just not working over here.) Anyway, you are FAR from boring and I LOVE your accessories :) If you're boring, I'm worse than a saltine cracker.

erin said...

Whitney ~ I don't think you are boring at all ...more like stable :)Refreshingly real... i don't want you to change a thing <3