Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween fun!

The night before Halloween, we decided we needed to carve our pumpkin before it was too late. The project really did start with every boy fully dressed...
But in no time, the shirts were off! When one boys strips, they all strip! If there's even a hint of a reason to take your shirt off in our house, the boys will do it. Just ask the Schwann man, or anyone in our old small group bible study. :)
Shirtless boys are standard for the summertime, but on brisk Fall evenings? These three are hardly bothered... although we did only stay out long enough to light Jack Jr.'s candle and take a quick pic!
The boys raided from the dress-up stash once again, and the only thing we had to buy for costumes this year was an extra black cape. And trust me, a ten dollar black cape will definitely get it's money's worth in this house.
Daddy had to work on Halloween night, so Hali and Cameron (our amazing friends/babysitters!) offered to hang out with us and take the boys Trick-or-treating. These two seriously are amazing, to Trick-or-treat in the pouring rain, and with Cameron's non-functioning gall bladder! We love you guys!
The troops getting ready to head out to houses in our subdivision... Our good buddy Bjorn joined us too! The boys thought his costume was hilarious, but Tess was a little scared by his crazy wig! We almost talked him into cutting some hair from his wig and taping it onto his chest, but he never did give in to that. :) Man, we are blessed with such godly, fun influences for our kids.
My favorite little cow hung out with me, taking candy out of the bowl and throwing it all over the entryway handing out candy as Trick-or treaters came to our house. The turnout was low due to the rain, so we quickly became famous for giving out handfuls of candy. I think we may have even seen a repeat customer or two. :)


Cherry said...

I swear I saw that guy with the wig as I was heading to small group at the dillons. You don't happen to be their neighbors do you?

Tyler and Whitney said...

Yep, we live down the street from Dan and Peggy... ran into them on our walk last weekend!

Cherry said...

LOL that is funny! I saw that guy and almost ran into a parked car trying to figure out what on earth he was!

I didn't think there could be two of him in this town! :)

leannenannette said...

Tess looks a lot like Emma in that last picture...or at least I think so. ;-)