Saturday, April 17, 2010

The 5 minute blog post about nothing...

It's 9:49pm and Tyler should be rolling in from work in the next few minutes. Darn those 1:30-10pm weekend shifts. Oh wait, I gave a kid-lecture on that once. Thank you God for one great job. Really.

Parenting is hard, but more on that later. I asked my mom the other day how she did it, and she said that we were the most compliant four children on the face of the planet. Or something like that. Anyway, that didn't get me very far. :)

Had the privilege of taking Trey by myself to his 2nd baseball practice today. I loved every minute of it, even though the wind was a bit chilly. I took a book to pass the 90 minutes, but never got it out. Couldn't take one eye off of my boy. He played catcher, wasn't bad, and definitely never complained. Couldn't hit the ball until the coach told him to stop closing his eyes, then he slammed every one. I wanted to cheer like a crazy woman, but just smiled inside and answered his thumbs-up.

My OCD is really kicking in. I make mental lists in my head all day long of things I want to organize. Especially this time of year. Then I remember that I have a one year old. My lists will have to wait, and at kid number 4, I'm getting closer to being okay with that. Could someone please come and wash my windows though (I have someone who likes to lick windows!)? :)

Planning Chase's birthday party for next week, and it better be good, because if you heard him talk, you wouldn't want to disappoint him either. The good news is that a good party equals a Darth Vader pinata. He's a sweetie, and sure has waited a long time to turn four. Now that I can't believe (the four part).

Summer scheduling is in full swing! Scheduled so far: swimming lessons, VBS (x2), Lego Engineering, Purdue's Super Summer, Baseball, Mini 4-H, and a Florida trip! Lovin' the thought of having the older boys home all day in a few short weeks!

Jack cut his own fingernails for the first time today. I know that doesn't seem exactly blog-worthy, but that means that my weekly count just went down by 20 finger and toenails!

And.... my favorite person just walked though the door. And guess what?

He ranks over you... :)

More nonsense at a later date!


Anonymous said...

I liked your post. Little moments are want make up our lives :) Your summer sounds like it will be fun and busy!

Janet Whipple said...

haha - your comments about 20 less nails to clip made me laugh! The small things make us happy :)

Great post, thanks for sharing! I cannot believe how big the boys look in that picture!