Monday, May 10, 2010

You know you're a mom when...

(My niece Emma, my mom, Tess and Aunt Patty... some of my very favorite girls ever)'s Mother's Day, and it's midnight, and you just re-tucked your four year old back in bed, hopefully for the last time tonight. Seems his thumb is still hurting from the (what started out) friendly wrestling match between he and Trey this afternoon. He whimpered for a long time, so I finally gave in and brought him downstairs into our bed, where he finished watching Titanic with us, complete with Motrin, an ice pack and a good back scratch.

All of that was after I had just tucked Trey back in, who had to get up for one more potty break.

I'm just waiting for Tess to cry out next. She's in a strip-yourself-completely-naked-in-the-middle-of-the-night stage, and I've had to redress her several nights in the past week. Bring it on, I say. I'm so close to pulling out the duct tape that it's not even funny.

Funny how Mother's Day makes me thankful for the daddy in this house. He had to work today, which made me thankful for how hard he works so I can do what I do at home. He is one amazing partner in parenting, and in life.

Blessings from today:

Church this morning, where I got to witness Trey serve his sweet friend Ian. This just may have been the best Mother's Day present ever.

A visit from Mom and Dave (complete with lots of awesome garage sale finds for Tess!).

Brunch at The Trails with Mom, Dave and the Walshes, where three boys were especially cute and full of manners.

Hanging out with the boys on the driveway, lighting leaves and ants on fire with a magnifying glass and the sun. :)

Opening a sweet card addressed to "Ommee" - Tess's version of Mommy.

Answering the door bell to find that some sneaky boys had placed a beautiful planter on my doorstep.

Tyler getting home from work and freeing me up for the evening (I left by myself for a little shopping at Meijer and Gordman's - woah. Best purchase of the night: a new baseball bat for Trey.).

A movie / Spageddies take-out date with Tyler when I got home.

Honoring my mom today, who first loved God with her whole heart, then loved me enough to point me to Him.

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Megan said...

Oh're one awesome momma! You certainly learned from one of the best. I still say a Grandma Fincher/Linda Banks/Debbie Walsh combo would be one force to reckon with on the mom front!

It was great to have lunch with your cuties. Now that school is almost out, we'll have to get together more often :) Maybe some picnics/play dates in the park!