Friday, June 4, 2010

Ready... set....

Our bags are packed, and our family of six (plus the coolest babysitter couple in the world!!) is ready to hop on an airplane tomorrow to Florida. We're on our last two days of antibiotics, and even though we had our doubts, everyone seems to be entering some sort of a relatively healthy state (thanks for praying!).

The boys are super psyched, and Trey is even coming out of his depression from the thought of missing his baseball tournament this weekend. They each packed a backpack of treasures to take, and I had to veto weapons more than once. I have packed, and repacked, and even had dreams about what to pack. All I know is this: if I have the meds, ear plugs, and Chase's rubber snakey, then we're good to go. We can get everything else at Wal-Mart.

Now, here's to hoping that this rotten girl will find something to keep her occupied on the flight.

Yeah right.

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