Wednesday, June 29, 2011

4th of July Pie!!

Popping in to share my favorite Independence Day treat with you all...but first of all... can you believe it's almost July?! Where in the world has half of the summer gone already?!

Oh yes, it's flashing right before our eyes... on the baseball field.

I'm madly in love with my little ball players (especially their cute bottoms in their baseball pants...), and actually really enjoy watching the sport (though I'm still working on the newly-turned three year old to acquire the same affection), but geesh, what a commitment. Just when we thought our season might be over, Trey had to go and make All-Stars. Super proud of that fired-up first baseman, but I'm trying hard not to drag my feet about the season now being extended by three more weeks.

The league, however, will be thrilled to know that the Daugherty siblings will be around a little bit longer to contribute to the concession stand fundraiser. :)

Ah yes, back to the pie. It's fresh, light and in-season, and it's one of those recipes that looks really impressive even though it's super easy - my favorite kind (you might want to splash some flour on your face at some point so your guests know it's homemade!)! And it's so 4th-of-July-like that we just have to make it every year. Inspired yet?! You can find the recipe here.

And, because they're too cute not to share, check out some other kid-friendly Fourth of July ideas on this sweet blog.

What's YOUR favorite 4th of July tradition?

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