Thursday, December 22, 2011

Card duty...

The boys' school took a great approach to a fund-raising effort to benefit our local Lion's Club (whose members give their time and resources generously to the school!). Instead of a class gift exchange, the teachers encouraged each student to ask their parents how they might earn a small amount of money to donate to the organization's building repair fund.

Because my mom-scheming skills are getting sharper by the year - ha! - Jack and Trey earned their money by helping fold, stuff, stamp and sticker our Christmas cards. Turns out little Daugherty boys grow up to be slightly OCD, just like both of their parents. :) Two boys who initially gave me a "seriously, Mom?" look ended up having a ball working together and chatting the night away. I love nights like these. And so do they.

If they try to tell you otherwise, don't you dare listen to them. :)

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