Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Suit Up. There's a battle going on...

I'm a mom to three boys. You know what that means, don't you? No matter how often I remind them to be gentle and compassionate, they always find a way to remind me that God made them ALL boy. In their world, sticks become swords. Chopsticks become wands. Peanut butter sandwiches become guns. And no one had to teach them how to make those awesome sound effects either. It's like they were born with it. Be warned, friends: if you stop by our house unannounced, there's a pretty high chance you'll walk into a living room full of pushed back furniture to make room for a night of "college wrestling", and it doesn't even have to be the weekend.

Somebody please tell me you can relate. Geesh.

The theme is always the same. There's a dark side and a light side. Good versus evil. And on a good night - if I'm lucky- true heroism shines through, and they rescue their little sister from the bad guys. They've figured out that she can play a pretty good little Tinkerbell when she puts her mind to it.

It's crazy, but they never seem to run out of stories to act out. Even if the bad guys were defeated the night before, another villain inevitably arrives to take the last one's place. But somehow they're ready. They know there will be a struggle, but they're determined to stand their ground. And without fail?

The good guys always win.

There's a huge contrast between those boys and this lone girl of mine. If given the option, she prefers to "mommy" her baby dolls all day, every day. She's a born nurturer, and she doesn't need prompted to love and sway and sing and pat until the cows come home.

But every so often, if the cast needs another player, she puts on her cape and joins forces with the boys. It may not seem as natural to her as playing babies, but she doesn't let that stop her. She's tough and determined and focused when she needs to be, and when summoned, she'll rise to the occasion.

Join me over at Good Morning Girls today where I finish my thoughts on another battle that's currently raging, except for this one's not make-believe...


Kathy said...

SO true! I have two boys and then a girl and it's the same thing! I actually have a picture of her as a toddler holding a sword in one hand and a baby doll in the other...sums her up pretty well!

Kyle and Sarah said...

I too, can relate to the scene in your living room.

Momma Bug said...

It's nice to meet you!

I recently emailed a friend of mine with 10 children (five of them boys)and said " I don't like finding .22 bullets in the dryer, but I do like having boys. I guess it's a compromise I'm willing to make." :-)
One of many many interesting and wonderful thing about having men-in-the-making living under my roof.
I'm betting the rewards will far outweigh the loud, rowdy, chaos!

You'll survive friend.
Good job if you can laugh while you do :-D

Hardman Family said...

Just found you through Good Morning Girls. Loved reading some of your posts! I can totally relate to this one, raising 3 boys myself...the only difference I don't have a little princess in the mix, but I'm praying now for 3 wonderful daughter-in-loves to fill that void. :)
I have always said that anyone that dared to break into our house would be a brave telling what kind of plastic animal, action figure, or car they might step on. They might even get shot by a fully loaded automatic--Nerf gun! :)