Monday, August 25, 2008

Jack is 7!

Jack at age 3
(with control issues, a huge vocabulary and a big heart!)
Jackie in our backyard this summer
(I swore I would never call him that!)
Jack turned seven years old yesterday, and for the first time I'm wishing that time would just stand still. So I'll admit it - all of you seasoned parents are right. The saying, "They grow up so fast" really is true after all. I'm feeling it. For the mom with four kids in six years, I had kind of been hoping for this day - the day of greater independence. And now that it's here, it's making me a little sad. He's too big. Too smart. Too impressionable. Too aware of the world around him. And darn it, Tyler and I can't spell words back and forth in secret anymore! Jack has come a long way, baby. I'm really enjoying this little person, the leader. I see God developing his gifts. He's grown in compassion and patience. He's learning that no one but Jesus is perfect. He knows that life isn't fair, but God gives more grace. He's figured out that the world doesn't revolve around him, but that it's hard to not want it to. There's still hope for me, though. My grown-up seven year old ran in from the bus this afternoon, jumped in my arms, squeezed me hard (for longer than any 7 year old cool guy would admit to his buds), and whispered in my ear, "Missed you today, Mom." I missed you too buddy. Happy Birthday, my sweet boy.


janetwhipple said...

What a sweetheart, that boy! :) Happy Birthday to Jack!!

mpaschal said...

I was so glad to see him at church on Sunday. First thing he said to me was, "today's my birthday." So glad I was able to wish him "Happy Birthday" in person!

Tyler and Whitney said...

Meg - You were at church Sunday?!
Aarrgg! Me, home with a sick boy. Whitney fix... you're the sweetest friend I know! :) Call you later.

Four Men and a Lady said...

Jack's birthday is so easy for me to remember... he was born the day before Jason and I got married. In fact, at our wedding, Jenny was making a video for Ryan (who was deployed and couldn't be there), and you can hear Marty's voice on the tape saying that your baby had been born. :) And just like Jack, I miss you too!!

sue whipple said...

You made this mom of all boys cry~ in a good way! Remembering the hugs and the growing up! You are blessed... crazy busy... but blessed. We love you guys!