Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Two months old!

If it wasn't for this sweet ride, I wouldn't get a shower most days. Thanks, Cory and Steph, for letting us borrow your baby swing! As you can tell, she thinks it's pretty cozy in there. Now if I could just get Chase to stop helping the swing swing, everyone would feel that peaceful. Tess had her two month Dr. appointment today and weighed 12 lbs. 12 ounces (97th percentile)! Who said this girl couldn't keep up with her brothers! She's wearing a 6 month sleeper today, so I'll be doing some girl-clothes shopping before long. Twist my arm. Good news on her ears. Tess initially failed her hearing test in the hospital. After more extensive testing at Purdue, we found that although her hearing is fully functional, it is significantly delayed. This is most likely due to fluid in her ears. We met with our ENT (who put tubes in Trey and Chase's ears) who confirmed that ear problems of this nature are in fact familial (not necessarily genetic, but proven to run in families), and that there is a pretty good chance that she'll have to have ear tubes as well. They'll do nothing now, but will recheck again in 3 months when she is big enough to go under anesthesia. She wouldn't be our kid if she didn't have surgery before age 4! All easy fixes, so we'll take it. God is good.

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Jeff and Angela said...

So I thought I would be the 1st to comment on that darling baby girl. I'm glad you get shower time without her but as you know there is never a dull moment when they get mobile. Miss you tons!!!