Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Look-a-Likes

God is a Giver, even in the seemingly unimportant details of life. One of the fun things about having just one more baby is finding out what he or she will look like. Now just so you know, we have never found out the gender of our babies during pregnancy. Call us old-fashioned, call us disciplined, or call us too shallow because we might start forming expectations in our heads of what the baby will be like before it actually appears. The truth is, we've never regretted waiting (although Tess's seven ultrasounds tempted us big time)...what excitement every time!

At around 20 weeks into Tess's pregnancy I experienced some placenta issues that left us praying hard for a healthy baby. And in the mix of those prayers, I thought I would go ahead and throw in a few frivolous requests while I was at it, just for kicks. In a spontaneous and selfish moment, I prayed for a baby that would look like Trey. It sounds silly, I know. And extremely unimportant during an uncertain time in the pregnancy. But as a Mom, you're tuned in to these things. Jack and Chase are my blondies, similar in looks and in personality. They hear it from people all the time. Trey is the middle child, and often marches to the beat of his own drum. Trey is unique and special in so many ways, but I get the feeling that he feels left out sometimes. And being a middle child myself (though not warped by the status!), I sort of sympathize. So I make sure to tell God that I understand if it doesn't work out, but wouldn't it be neat if Trey could hear someone say, "Oh Trey, that baby looks just like you!".

After we found out we were expecting our fourth baby, we would constantly get the comment, "Oh, I bet you're hoping for a girl this time." It's funny what people assume. Never considering a girl a possibility (and being perfectly content with boys), we would laugh and say we didn't need a girl since Trey filled that role already with his sensitivity and drama. Now it's hard to tell what Tess's personality will be just quite yet, but I love it that she's a girl and that she looks just like Trey. I wonder what the Lord might have in store for their relationship. Trey is certainly not above tea parties, in a manly sort of way, that is. God cares about the little things we moms ponder, I'm convinced.


janetwhipple said...

I thought of Trey the moment I saw Tess!! So cool....God's good in taking care of those little details in life :)

panana said...

There is no doubt you have 2 sets of pairs. And what a warm story for it to be an answer to prayer. All 4 are blessings for sure and for certain.