Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Boilers Win....The Boilers Win!!!!!!!

I knew it could work! I don't want Chase to take all the credit....the coaches did have a couple of great play calls in the last quarter. But the Boilers broke the losing streak today! I decided rooting for Purdue wasn't enough -- it was time to dress Chase for the game....and if need be, send him in as quarterback! It was a thrilling victory. Sorry the streak is over, Michigan, but if someone was going to end it for you, I'm glad the Boilers could do it! Hail Purdue!!!!


Danielle said...

GO BOILERS!!! Tell Chase way to lead the team : )

mpaschal said...

I could eat him!

panana said...

Looks to me like Chase is thinking, "Good thing the Boilers don't have to play against Ball State!"