Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oh, Halloween

No costume purchases this year. We would have enough dress-up clothes to last us until Halloween 2020, if they didn't grow, that is. So with all of the variety that we own, tell me why, oh why, did we end up with two Spidermen? That one sure does want to be just like his brothers.
The crazy Trick-or-Treaters, led by Dad the Viking (oh my). I have no words. (He actually wore this to work for an office party.)
I love this shot. The Viking pushing the stroller looks so natural.


janetwhipple said...

So fun!! Jack looks crazy tall in that spiderman suit...

Laura said...

Tyler always makes me laugh :) Gotta love him!

Melissa said...

Honestly, looking at Tyler, I'm speechless.

laura said...

OK I busted a gut at Tylers costume....only Tyler!!
I love reading your blog, you are a very talented writer. You always make me laugh and when I am finished reading I always feel refreshed and warm all the way to my toes!!!!
We DO have so much to be thankful for!
Love you and miss you so much