Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Tree... a picture story by the Daugherty boys

"Yes, Whitney, I know you want to go get a tree. You've told me about a million times, but you're not breaking my 'Absolutely no Christmas decorating until after Thanksgiving' rule. I know it's only 19 days until Christmas, but I'm the practical one here, and we don't want the tree to die before the actual day. Anyway, I can't stay awake long enough to even think about it." - Tyler, slightly paraphrased, after working the overnight shift for seven nights straight.
"Do we have to get a tree, or can we just ride this thing all day?" "It's just me, Chase. And I'm really, really cold. But if you tell me to smile, I'll try really hard." "It's so cold, I hope that it'll never be cold ever, ever again. Ever." - Trey, showing off the five teeth he skillfully shifted in a sledding collision the week before. "When are we gonna get off of this thing?" - real words from Jack
"Dad says this is THE one, but it looks just like all of the other ones if you ask me. Either way I'm relieved. Did I mention that I'm really cold?"
"My favorite part was the grill. Not the tree, not the experience. The grill." - Trey, warming his hands, and getting his coat really stinky by the fire.
"Hey, isn't this the spot where my Mom peed her pants that one year? Nevermind that she was pregnant and Daddy was taking way too long looking for the perfect tree, and she was racing us in between the tree rows to pass the time. We'd be in trouble if we peed our pants. Hey guys, let's never let her forget that story, ok?"
"Hey, would you mind taking a picture of our family, fast? It's really cold out here." - Whitney, all smiles after coming out of the warm van with Tess for approximately 2 minutes to get a family picture, and right after reminding Tyler that it was a whole lot warmer right around Thanksgiving.


Tyler and Whitney said...

I'm sitting upstairs on the computer and I just heard Tyler say,"Whit, it's so weird to cut a tree down and bring it inside and put it in your living room." I think that tradition started in Germany or something. We'll have to ask Jack.

slivengo said...

This made me laugh so hard - The story about you having an accident (I can totally relate) and the last picture especially. Chase's face is priceless. :) I have to confess we did things the easy way. The fake, prelit tree in our living room will have to do for this year. :)

Melissa said...

Guess what, Jathan won we have a fake tree this year. No more hauling the tree to the curb days before Christmas.

Cory Costello said...

Whit, is that your offical Christmas tree cutting hat, or am I just imagining pictures of you in it from previous years?