Saturday, December 20, 2008

Up on the Housetop...

... I would have taken reindeer, trust me. But they would have slid right off in the ice storm, and then they wouldn't have been able to eat the magic oats with glitter that Jack made for them in his class at school. For as sharp as that kid is, I can't believe that HE believes, still. I hope he doesn't read this. I digress.

So, at 4:30am yesterday morning we wake up to this tree falling into our yard. The neighbor's light flips on at the same time ours does, because it was that loud. It was still dark out so it was hard to see how much had fallen, but we were pleased that it missed the house, barely. Tyler decides to go ahead and get ready for work, anticipating a longer-than-normal commute. A little after 5am, the real monster hits with a huge crash, right on top of our roof. I ran to get the boys from their bedrooms, not knowing exactly where it hit. Ends up it landed on the third bay of the garage, puncturing through the attic and our upstairs bathroom. We have some roof, siding, trim, attic, ceiling, drywall, moisture issues, but in a very contained area.

The contractor came out today and temporarily patched the holes until our insurance guy comes out on Monday. We have fans and dehumidifiers going making our bathroom off limits, but the boys are thrilled about that since that means they get to take a bubble bath downstairs every night until it gets fixed! And I'm trying to not get too excited that they might have to paint my whole bathroom... that'd be a major bonus, since it's been needing a fresh coat for quite some time. Overall, we're some pretty thankful people. The top corner of the house behind the bathroom is Chase's room. I can live without my bathroom for a few days after all.

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panana said...

Thanks to God for His safety through all manner of storms.