Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Preventing the Winter Blues

If you haven't noticed lately, it's cold outside. At least it is where we live! Jack came home from school this week saying that the official town Ground Hog saw his shadow, so we're expecting at least six more weeks of Winter around here (good thing that kid goes to school or I would have never known!). With four little ones, we don't venture out much in weather like this. I think my record lately for not stepping foot out of the house is something like eight days straight. Yeah. So to keep our sanity until the boys can run and play outside, we've had to get a little creative.
In case you're on the verge of loosing your sanity too, we thought we'd share some of our ideas with you!

Idea #1: Build a fort. Then let your kids eat lunch in it. But don't leave the lunch dishes in there until the next day. The food is much harder to clean off when this happens. And is it just me, or does your two year old always find the hidden spoiled sippy cup of milk and attempt to drink it?

More ideas to come....

What have you been doing indoors this Winter?

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