Saturday, September 19, 2009

College town...

I love living in a college town for lots of reasons. MY college town. At first we wondered what it would be like coming back to Purdue country as a family instead of as college students. What we've found is a great balance of university energy and family friendliness.
During the school year, we don't get to campus much. It's a busy place. Don't get me wrong - I actually look forward to when the students arrive in the Fall. The city comes alive, and it brings back some great college memories (along with the other memories of Organic Chemistry... oh dear). But traffic gets a little hectic, parking becomes more difficult, and I have to redevelop my skills in dodging fearless jaywalking pedestrians.

I'm quick on the ol' minivan brakes, don't you worry.

But summertime. Oh, sweet summertime in this town...
We take advantage of walking around the quiet campus. The boys play in the fountains, and I tell them where I first kissed their daddy. Tyler and I reminisce about when we were young and thought we had so little time and so much responsibility.

You heard that right.

That's what I thought when I was taking approximately two naps per day. In between eating breadsticks at the Union and hanging out way too much with four guys who lived on Littleton Street when I should have been studying.

But do cut me some slack, if for no other reason than Organic Chemistry.

Sounds like a good time to change the subject.
So we played in the fountains and I tried to get a sweet brother picture after they were done.

Because when there are great flowers in the background, every mother wants the perfect frameable picture.

Why I try, I'm not quite sure. I think I must have told Trey 10 times to keep his gum in his mouth.
...which caused even more distractions...
...and more...
Until finally I made him throw the gum in the flowers.


I can live with that. :)


panana said...

Great story, fun pictures, and thanks for the memories. It brought some back for me too. Likely these 3 guys will be doing that with good lookin' chicks some year in the future, as Purdue students, right?
Side note, while all that fountain fun was going on, Bluffton and Wells County was watching a local boy play quarterback and beat those Boilermakers in Saturday's game.
Which just goes to prove, the Daugherty team had much more fun Saturday than the Purdue team.
Love ya, Pa.

Melissa said...

I loved living by Purdue! (and you!) Great pictures.

Anna said...

such sweet memories!