Thursday, September 24, 2009

A little peer pressure, please...

To celebrate the end of summer (well, you know what I mean... I would never, ever actually celebrate the end of summer!), Tyler took the older boys on a much anticipated trip to Chicago on the Amtrak. This picture is my absolute favorite from the many Tyler took that day.

Check out those eyes... just like his daddy.

For the record, I have no idea what that structure is in the background. Because I wasn't there. And maybe I should just know what it is anyway, but I don't. Because being pregnant four times has fried a lot of my brain cells.

That's what I like to tell myself anyway.

I missed this trip, because a three and one year old would have been on complete meltdown around hour three of the seventeen hour day. And you already know that we just don't do that.

But, we also want to take advantage of the ages that Jack and Trey are now. Fun, energetic, curious, learning ages.

So sometimes, we split up.

And it works.

For us.

Back to those amazing pictures.

There's no way I'm doing them justice. Because minus one famous Chicago building, and the ones who have the titles printed right on them, I'm pretty clueless about what is what.

So, I'm asking for a little help here. If you have a spare second (and you must because you're reading this!), leave a comment in the comments section (duh, where else!) encouraging Tyler to post about their fun adventure to (on the train) and in Chicago.

Maybe enough "votes" will convince him to share...

I think he definitely wins on the brain cells anyway, so I vote him.

A little peer pressure, please... :)


Danielle said...

C'mon Tyler! I want to read about Chicago!!

Melissa said...

Come on Tyler, I haven't been to Chicago for a long, long time, and I haven't seen you all for a while either, so I would love to see pictures and hear about both!

Laura said...

post about your fun adventure to (on the train) and in Chicago, Tyler!

Megan Paschal said...

Come on, Pick up your skirt, grab your balls and do it! (Brandon's saying, not mine) Sorry, I couldn't help myself;)

panana said...

Hey Tyler,
How about comparing you taking your kids to Chicago with the time your parents took you and your brother to the windy city on the train.
Or are you too old to remember?
Get busy and write, this is your father speaking.

PS: If this works this will be another momentous occasion of child "actually listening" to father.

Cory Costello said...

don't do it