Thursday, January 7, 2010

Four Christmases and a birthday later...

I'm back, but barely. We're still in catch-up mode around here after all of the holiday hoop-la. It was nuts this year, I'm gonna have to admit. Exciting and heart-warming to see such wonder on the boys' faces, and just plain nuts with Tess. She's work, man. Especially in strange places, with no naps, and no baby gates. But she's cute, that thing.

Ok, moving on...

This was year number seven of overcompensating for Trey since his birthday falls so close to Christmas. His day is the 20th, which is at least better than his 24th due date. Oh, I can remember the Christmas he was born so clearly. We got the doc to sign us out of the hospital early so we could go home and celebrate Christmas with my family the day after he was born. We ordered pizza, everyone came to us, and we passed around the worst flu ever with my entire extended family. What memories! And then we nicknamed this sweet new baby "Tax-break Trey," since he was so gracious to join us before the end of the year.
He's seven now, and I'm tellin' you what, this kid melts me. All he has to do is smile, and nothing else seems to matter. The best part of Christmas break this year was spending time with this boy who is literally transforming before my eyes. God is doing a work in him, I can tell. So many things I've noticed in the last few weeks, but I have to share what happened the other day...
Chase is late in finishing up his lunch, as usual, so is sitting at the counter by himself when he accidentally tips over a VERY full glass of milk. It goes everywhere: all over the counter, dripping down the stool, and puddling over a massive area on the floor. I quickly grab some paper towels and inform Chase that he needs to help me clean it up.

Trey must hear what's going on from the other room. He runs in, grabs more paper towel, and gets on the floor and starts to help. I say to him thanks, but no thanks. Chase was the one to spill it, so he can be the one to clean it up.

Trey, with so much compassion on his face, says to me, "Mom, it just doesn't feel right in my heart to keep on playing when you're in here cleaning up. Please let me help too." I hug him tight, whisper in his ear that I see Jesus in him, and we all dive into clean-up together. And we have a blast doing it. Because Trey can make even cleaning up spilled milk fun.
We celebrated at Grandma and Grandpa Fincher's house this year since our whole family was already there for Christmas the day before. He wanted a Monster Truck birthday, and was super-psyched about the cake he picked out online. He got another cake in Cincinnati when we were there for Christmas, and just took birthday treats to school on his first day back from break. See what I mean about over-compensating?

He's worth it.

Definitely worth it.

Sweet, sweet Trey. God knew just what we needed. Love you boy!


Cherry said...

what a sweet boy! that brought tears to my eyes!

Andy, Megan and Ben said...

Love it Whitney!!! He's such a sweetie (as are all your kids). I can't wait to have those spilled milk moments with Ben :)

Jason and Sarah said...

Ok, sure am crying right now. What a sweet post for a sweet boy. I love that he wanted to help with the milk. That makes it all worth it. Happy Birthday to him.

p.s. love the cake!