Monday, February 1, 2010

Change, take two...

Alright ya'll, I took the plunge.


At least momentarily.

You know how I am with change and all.

I took a little visit here, and looked for anything that didn't have flowers, buttons, or lace (Hey, if your blog has those things, I'm cool with that, but you know boring ol' me...).

This time it might just last for longer than an hour. At least so I can justify what I did during the kids' naptime today.

So, with that little confession out of my system, I'm off to start dinner prep. So it looks like I accomplished something of importance... you know... when I should have been working.


Melissa said...

Looks good!

Cherry said...

I lOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! SOooo stinkin cool!! and that is possibly the best family pic i've ever seen!!

Tyler and Whitney said...

Cherry - you're so good for my ego! I'm so glad you read this thing... how fun to keep up with you! :)