Thursday, July 8, 2010

What femininity...

Look what her brothers taught her to do.

Not the naked thing. She taught herself how to do that. She either needs potty trained or duct tape, and I'm pretty sure she's too stubborn for the first option. Even with the pink princess throne potty chair, that plays royal music and all. Her babies sit on it all day long. But her?

No way, baby.

She does, however, like to stand in front of it, push her big belly out, and fake pee into it. I wonder where she learned that? Yes, this one's easily influenced, I'm afraid. That's why she got the potty throne. Normally I'm not so whimsically impractical.

For the record, I'm not hung up on potty training. She's number four, remember? But going naked really isn't all that popular in public, so we may have a problem on our hands. We did solve the naked-in-the-middle-of-the-night issue, though, so we're getting somewhere at least. Kudos to my old high school friend on facebook who gave me the solution: cutting off the feet of her sleepers, and zipping them on her backwards. No more surprises in the night in this house.

Well, naked surprises, that is.

Ah, facebook... what a handy little tool you are. Knew you were good for something.

She's daring, impatient, and wants her momma 24/7. And on occasion, she makes her brothers cry. My favorite line? "You're eight, and she's two. Really, you can't get away from her?"

Yep, she's two now, and we all feel like we deserve an award. These two years have definitely blessed us, and taken every last bit of our energy.

But she has a way of capturing your heart. Once you've earned a place in hers, that is.

One look at that cute bottom, and I forget how much work she's been. She can also be pure joy with that sweet, crooked smile. She makes my boys sweeter boys, and makes me rely on God a little bit more than I naturally would. And that's always a good thing.

Lord, give me patience with this energetic, terrorizing two year old. Help me to appreciate her for who she is, and for who You are making me in the process...


panana said...

I wonder, how many times will this internet photo resurface when our Princess Daugherty begins dating?
And, where did those genes come from?
Better, where did her jeans get to?
Oh, I get it, she's 2.

Anonymous said...

that pic just made me laugh :)

Cherry said...

I love baby butts! even better when there are tan lines!! can't wait to have my neice/nephew in dec so I can take fabulous pics like these! :)

Megan Paschal said...

All I can think is, "Boy I hope she doesn't rack herself!"

Kyle and Sarah said...

I love little kid tan lines!!! And crack me up!!!