Monday, August 2, 2010

Missin' the boys...

These three are beyond excited to be on their first guy trip ever... a fishing trip to Wisconsin with my dad. Luckily Trey got the deodorant talk from his dad last week, just in time for a week of fish guts and a race to see who can go the most days without a shower. I'm back with the little ones who aren't quite ready to make the trip, and we've realized today (um, that would be day one) that our entertainment has left us for the week. I made the mistake of telling Chase that we would be doing some fun things of our own while the boys were gone, and he has taken that statement very literally. When I told him that it was time for lunch today, he said, "But I thought we were only doing fun things while the boys are in Wisconsin."


In other exciting news... after a run-in with the bathroom stall door at Chuck E. Cheese (don't ask... I knew I didn't like that place), I am spending my spouse-free time Googling images of broken fingers. My fun activity for the day was consoling a toddler and a preschooler in the smallest exam room ever while the doc stuck a needle - twice - through my black fingernail to try to relieve some pressure in my huge finger. I'm off for x-rays in the morning, but according to Chase, that sounds like a blast, so mark one up for his fun list.

Glad I could accommodate him.


Nancy said...

Couldn't help but notice that you managed to type a blog entry with your possibly broken finger. How did the x-ray turn out?

Tyler and Whitney said...

Nancy! That post took FOREVER to type... only used my right hand. No broken finger, just really messed up, but getting better every day. Who knew a bathroom stall could be such a threat?! :) This sort of thing only happens to me... :)