Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas photos... the ones that exist, at least.

Beware my Facebook friends, these pics are repeats. I'm officially fired from uploading pictures from our camera since I somehow lost most of them from Christmas morning somewhere in our computer. I can't dance, and now this. I'm convinced they're still in there somewhere (I swear I saw them!), but they're probably filed in some random spot that I'll never think to look in... like the "Makin' Hamballs with Mom" picture folder.

I promise you that folder exists. I would never make something like that up.

Tyler had to work Christmas Day, but fourteen years into the pharmacy profession, we have honestly learned to expect to spend holidays like this. I never heard one complaint from Tyler for having to go in. Only something about him feeling bad that the patients had to spend Christmas in the hospital. So proud of that man. What a blessing that he was able to work the 1:30-10pm shift so that we could wake up and watch the kids open presents together on Christmas morning.

(Imagine a darling photo of all four kids in front of the tree here. Duh.)

Tess got a dollhouse that the whole house is giddy about. Maybe because it's her first big toy. Big girl stuff is new to us. In sort of an embarrassing admission, let's just say that no one can keep their hands off of it. Boys included. :) Just like I used to do with the Little People barn, I have to make sure everything is in it's place before bed. You know, the twin babies in their bassinets, the chairs tucked in neatly under the kitchen table, the decorative pillows set just so on top the matching comforter.

Clearly I need to be put on medication. But back to more carefree moments, like Tess dancing to Tyler playing the latest Guitar Hero game out. Somehow it showed up in his stocking... a thoughtful gift to himself. :)

Chase decked out in full camo gear. Just what this simple kid wanted. Scratch that. He wanted that, and everything everyone else got.
They rarely wear shirts, and yes, they're a sticky mess from eating their suckers from their stockings (and don't they look tired from getting up so early?!). But so glad I didn't lose this shot. To all of the tired mommas out there with toddlers so very close in age: something amazing happened as they grew. They became best friends. We celebrated Christmas with our immediate families the weekend of New Year's. Wish you could see this crew interact. These cousins are full of so much energy... and love! Pictured are our kids, plus my two sisters' kids: Emma (the oldest - 12), Tess (the youngest - 2), and eight boys sandwiched in between! Our final destination was a relaxing day spent with the Daugherty clan. We had a great trip (oh, how traveling gradually gets easier as babies grow older!)... thanks so much to our families for hosting our rowdy bunch!

Now, I think I'll go check that hamball folder, just in case...

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slivengo said...

So glad to know that organizing/tidying up the doll house each night is part of the routine for someone else. I was just laughing at myself yesterday for doing this very same thing. :)Glad you guys had a great Christmas. :) Miss you!