Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Waste not.

Since we're on the subject of cutting edge, innovative toy storage in our house (hilarious... this post was the most-viewed post of all time since the blog's been up and running!), I thought I'd share yet another unconventional storage solution in the Daugherty house. This one was my idea. Oh, yeah. You know me, the one low on creativity but high on practicality...

This is a risky post, I'm aware. Longaberger fans everywhere are probably peeing their pants right now. But at least give me this... who in the world owns enough umbrellas to fill this thing?? It was a thoughtful gift from our Realtor when we purchased our home, but I am way more practical than what this basket's intended purpose had to offer. Maybe one day when the boys outgrow swords (uh, like when they're eighteen??), it can go back to being an umbrella basket.

For the one umbrella that I own.

That I keep in my car.

You don't think my realtor reads my blog, do you?

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Galloway Mom said...

Good Morning Whit! I don't mind the practicality of storing swords in the umbrella basket, even if it is Longaberger. Your name will not be shunned in the Galloway home.

And as for the Lego storage, it completely rocked! My 12 year old son and husband were most impressed. Mitchell wants to know if your boys tear their Lego creations down as soon as they make them or if they leave them constructed for days on end so they can play with them? And if they keep them intact, what awesome place do they have to display them? (He insisted I ask you. I think he thinks the have a welding table in their room so they can leave their creations out.)