Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beware... it's too late to type a post that makes any sense.

Not sure if these guys are watching March Madness or Food Network... you have a pretty good chance of catching one or the other most evenings at our house these days. I got a kick out of how they are sitting exactly the same. Great thing is, that is only the beginning of the similarities they share. I love their closeness and their ability to relate to each other. And their crazy skilled analytical sides mixed with a level of compassion that might be somewhat hidden, but is severely loyal. And one day, Jack is gonna show up his wife in the kitchen, and she's gonna love it.

Notice Jack's new glasses too! Pretty handsome, I must say. Yep, these are the ones that replaced the broken ones that snapped when he and his two year old sister were playing "Dog". Don't ask. Only my sisters will get a good laugh out of that. Apparently playing "Dog" knows no generational barriers. Ha. Anyway, the only bad thing about these frames is that it makes my nine year old boy suddenly look about thirteen. Not right.

School conferences were last week, and you'll be glad to know that I didn't cry this time. Not in front of anyone anyway. So proud of my boys. Both boys got all A's, minus Trey's 89% B in Writing. He writes beautifully when he wants to. It's just that he really can't be bothered by it. He's our only lefty so far, and he doesn't mind to smear and slant as he goes. He shoves his papers in his backpack until they're all crumbly, too, but it's small things like this that make him love life in a carefree sort of way. Write however you want to, Treyman. You can type everything when you get older. Now I have to fork over eleven bucks - a dollar for every A - and I'll try not to think about it going towards buying rocks at Von's, or worse yet, Pokemon cards.

In other exciting news, we started a DIY house project today. I love the thought of this, and I even remember a time when it was completely romantic to tackle some sort of creative home improvement challenge with my husband. But fourteen years and four kids later, these projects don't go as quickly or as uninterrupted for us as they used to. So now, I have the great ideas (ok, truth is, Tyler always has better ideas that trump my initial starter ideas), and Tyler gets to follow though while I wipe bottoms monitor small children in another part of the house. It's the office this time, and I have a feeling that we've started something that I like to call the slippery slope. I'm sure you've experienced what I'm talking about. The closet organizing turns into new custom shelves that turns into the organizing of another closet to fit stuff that doesn't fit in the old closet anymore (hmm... might need new custom shelves for that closet too, hon). Then I'll need new storage bins and a new paint color, and now the curtains don't match and the furniture looks dull against the new curtains. And you can't get this far without another bookshelf and new accessories to complete the look.

*Note to Tyler: this slippery slope will NOT somehow result in a new flat screen TV for the living room. It just won't.

See, I told you I had all the great ideas... right babe? If you need me, I'll just be downstairs.

One last exciting something to announce before I call it a night. Coming next week to Raisin' 4... wait for it... our very first giveaway!! I feel so blog-official all of a sudden. Stay tuned to see what we'll be giving away!

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Well let me be the first to comment...I love your blog!