Sunday, March 6, 2011

In case you were wondering what we moms do all day...

We're not above taping notes to kid bathroom mirrors. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks, friends. Besides making sure everyone has clean underwear to wear, homework gets done, everyone gets to their activities, and six hungry mouths get fed, what hasn't come up in the last few days?

There have been three dentist appointments and four eye appointments. Oh yes, and add a broken and replaced pair of glasses on to that. Then there was the lucky sheet of ice that slid off of a van on the interstate that collided with the Durango that resulted in three body shop quotes and multiple phone calls to insurance. Oh, and the Honda recall that needed to be repaired on the van... which reminds me of the battery and connectors that needed replaced on the van on that day when it wouldn't start. Just for the record, 1. I didn't leave the lights on this time, and 2. there is never a convenient day for the ole minivan not to start.

That was the day that we were on our way to sign up two boys for baseball, until we just decided to mail our registrations in because of our little transportation dilemma. The day that we took a deep breath and thanked our lucky stars that not every boy in our house wants to play baseball this year. How in the world would we get three separate boys to all of their practices? Especially with the two year-old tagging along, who made her indoor sideline debut at their basketball games this winter. She's not a sports fan just yet, and even bribing her with candy isn't keeping her from sprawling her body in the middle of the court during the most inopportune times.

Then there was the night with no furnace, the vaccination records to acquire for the Kindergarten round-up to be attended, followed by the preschool conference and the tax guy and the 401k to rollover. And if you think that last one was a cinch, it was far from it. The "one little form" turned into ten phone calls later, and by this time I'm thinking I should charge someone a fee for transferring that thing. Yes, you will have to call your district manager and get me within my sixty days. Good thing I reminded you. Oh yeah, and don't mess with me... I used to change diapers for a living.

And before life got too boring, Tess thought she'd add a little more excitement to our days last week when she decided to wait 22 long, painful hours to go potty. Which... landed us in the doctor's office multiple times, resulted in a cath, a wait for lab results, and a consult with her pediatric urologist. She likes to keep life interesting with her mysterious (urinary reflux) ways. I've never texted more potty words in my life than in the last week, that's for sure. No one ever told me that urinating would be something I'd keep track of so religiously and converse so often about once I became a mom. And so nonchalantly too. Heh.

You've got to stop and wonder on weeks like this.

Wonder if God allows little hiccups like this in my weeks so I can turn my everyday inconveniences instead into praise to a God who supplies my every need? How dare I focus too long on the challenges that I end up cutting God short, or I miss an opportunity to teach my kids to look for the good - and for God - in every circumstance. Some of you could tell stories from your last two weeks that would make mine look like a cakewalk. We live in a complicated world. But what if we all chose thankfulness to combat what the world throws our way? How quickly our perspectives could change.

So tonight, I'm thankful for things like:

Employers that provide insurance and 401k's and eye plans that replace broken frames of a healthy, active nine year-old. I'm thankful for a Durango that still runs after all these years and the fact that the ice didn't go through his windshield instead. For a tax return that paid off a minivan, and for a minivan that holds all of these precious children to and from all sorts of activities. For a brainy husband who tinkers with car batteries and furnaces and doesn't give up until he fixes them. For that same gentle and patient man who turns around and rocks his sick baby in the middle of the night after a long day at work. I'm grateful for doctors and their wisdom, and for a little girl who gives me opportunities every day to rely a whole lot on my giving, gracious God.

And that's only the start of my list.

Oh yeah, and I'm thankful for deodorant for sweaty boys. Oh yes I am.

Here's to the start of a new week...

And a brand new attitude to go along with it.

“[Praise to the LORD] LORD, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.” - Isaiah 25:1

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Angela said...

What a great way to start the week, Whitney! Thanks for posting! Love and appreciate you!