Monday, November 7, 2011

That's right...

I will NOT be called a shallow goal-maker. Even if I just called myself one. I'm sort of getting competitive in my older age, you know (which incidentally gets way older-sounding tomorrow - ugh). So game on this week, ya'll.

Ok, I first have to prove (does this go along with my developing competitive side??) that we are definitely on a shirtless-Jack-O'-Lantern-pose-trend that dates back at least three years. The pic above is from 2009. Oh Chaser, what did those big brothers of yours talk you in to?

I know what you're thinking. Yes, our Jack O' Lantern was super lame even back then. But if you don't clue them in that there are way cooler carving methods, then they'll never know the difference. It's sort of like the fact that there are other options than having your mom cut your hair. Let's just keep that bit of information to ourselves for now too, okay?

And here is the shirtless trio again this year, just in case you forgot what they looked like...

...from yesterday. Since I'm two for two, you know (hey, I'm just as surprised as anyone). I know you all have moved on to Thanksgiving and probably even Christmas by now, but since this is my online scrapbook of sorts, you'll bear with my late Halloween revisit, won't you? P.S. Bjorn joins us again, and he's just plain awesome.

That well-used (sometimes stinky from sweaty boys!) little dress-up bin sure does come in handy every year when I challenge the boys to go create a Halloween costume from what we already have in the closet (P.S. I love NOT spending money!). I'll admit that I drug my feet a bit on Jack's all black mystery guy, but Tyler and I decided that we're not going to get hung up on a color. He wanted to be hidden, we don't worship Satan, and he wasn't trying to make a statement. Truth is, ten year olds don't want to dress up like five year olds. So we let him be ten. Which brought on a huge discussion at the dinner table about why we Trick-or-Treat (uh, candy, hello...), and why some people we know don't celebrate Halloween. Of course everyone has the freedom to celebrate (or not celebrate) a holiday as they choose. But, boys, do we think that dressing up in costumes and going door to door for candy compromises our beliefs? Not in the least. Even if my kid wears all black? Um, still no. Thanks for asking. :) Ok, moving on... The best part of the night? Going around our subdivision and running into tons and tons of neighbors, both great friends and acquaintances alike. What a fun, socially-packed evening! When was the last time you snuggled with a skeleton and looked this happy? :) We got back to the house in time to hand out some candy ourselves, and luckily we were just in time to welcome a visit from this adorable group of girls from Trey's class. Trey opened the door and was greeted with all sorts of giggles and girls calling his name - hilarious! We all enjoyed watching Trey's face turn a bright shade of red as he tried to sneak away back into the house. The girls and I finally convinced him to pose for a picture, which didn't actually take too much convincing. After they were gone, Daddy asked if he had a favorite, and he did shyly whisper a name (wait, maybe two). Ah, third grade love, when you don't have to choose just one. :)

And on that note, I'm adding another aerobics day this week to work off all of the candy I snuck out of the kids' pumpkins over the last seven days.


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