Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thankful for this man...

Tyler has been putting in some longer hours at work since the new hospital opened last week. Not as much as some dads have to put in on a regular basis, but enough that our kids have noticed. Since Tyler works the 1:30pm-10:00pm shift this weekend, we're on our own much of the day (I know the evening shift is only eight hours long, just the same as the day shift, so why, oh why, does it seem twice as long?!). The kids and I took advantage of the beautiful weather this afternoon and rode bikes and played outside, then ventured to Target, Arby's and the car wash tonight. Have I told you lately how much Tess despises the car wash? Woah. Anyway, fancy Saturday night, I know, but we were so giddy about the 50 degrees that it didn't matter where we went, as long as we spent it in and out of the sunshine.

On the way home Trey announced - in typical Trey/drama fashion - that he missed his dad. A lot. Then he went on about how it wasn't fair that the hospital was making him work all day when his kids were not in school and it was nice outside. How dare they! That got Jack going, and before I knew it, all three boys had joined in and together had come to the conclusion that Tyler should quit his job. Um... boys?!

So we talked the whole way home about how God has given Daddy this job and that we should be so very thankful for it. I tried to give a kid-sized version of the state of the economy, just to let them know that we will NOT complain about how God provides for our family, when so many others are without jobs.

Then we talked about their dad, and what a hard worker he is. Jack brought up the fact that he's helping sick people when he's away from us. Trey commented on how smart he is. And Chase, sweet Chase, wanted us all to know that Daddy shoots off rockets from the pharmacy, and when the rockets come back, they have suckers in them (um, I think he's getting the tube systems from the pharmacy and the bank a little mixed up!). I talked about how Daddy doesn't want to be away from us either, but he gladly goes to work to provide for our family ("Okay boys, start naming things that you have that cost money. Do you know where that money comes from?").

And Tess? Well, she's just glad to be done with the car wash.

All of that to say that we're thankful for this man who works so hard and sacrifices so much for us. I wish Tyler could have heard our conversation today, and how passionate these boys are about their daddy.

It's always good to find out that you've been missed.


Cherry said...

Poor Tess, reminds me of my best friend Katies little boy Sammy. He is TERRIFIED of the car wash! I was at their house for dinner one night and Katie started the garbage disposal, he got this terrified look on his face and whispered "CAR WASH"!!! it was hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

It's always good to appreciate the hubby, and to pass along that appreciation to the children! Nice post!

Lindsey Petersen