Monday, March 1, 2010

Haircut time!

Ah, welcome March! For February being the month of love, we weren't exactly feelin' it with a surgery, a week long flu and the insanity of the opening of a new hospital. Good times. But who wants to dwell on that when we could be talking about a girl with a new 'do?!

This is Tess before her monumental first haircut a couple of weeks ago. It was long overdue, I must say. The mullet was winning, plain and simple. You can admit it along with me... I'm secure like that. :)

The problem is that the front of her hair just doesn't grow at the same pace as the back of her hair. Why this happens, I have no idea. So we waited and waited for her bangs to grow out, and they never did.

Thin, uneven, and a mullet on steroids.

When Tyler and I were broke and in college and just friends (don't fight me on this), he asked me to cut his hair. And even though I had never cut anyone's hair in my life, I agreed. Because that might have just been one more good excuse to hang out with him when I should have been studying. So we went to Wal-Mart and bought some clippers. We skipped watching the instructional video because how-hard-can-it-be-anyway, and I gave him the worst home-done haircut in the history of wanna-be dating couples. No lie.

But he lived through it, and even asked me to do it again (it would take three haircuts to get his money's worth for the clippers). Eventually I got better, and I've been cutting his hair ever since. Every month for the past sixteen years.

And I only forgot the clipper guard once. Impressive, huh?

So now three other boys get the privilege of meeting me in the master bathroom once a month for our salon dates.

Jack: Clippers in back and longer on top, being careful to cut very evenly, since his very straight hair is not very forgiving if you get it wrong. Style with molding clay for that dry, messy look.*

Trey: Clippers all over and keep it super, super short, or his coarse, thick hair will go into Chia-Pet mode. Style with Crew gel with a spike in the front. Oh, and don't forget to shave the uni-brow.*

Chase: Attempt the surfer look with a scissor cut only, and wonder every time if I really know what I'm doing. Feed him M & M's throughout the cut since it takes much, much longer than it should due to my cluelessness.*

*Repeat monthy until they get a clue that there may actually be cooler options out there other than their Mom...

(Our cute little beautician, who was probably 18 and had - literally - 15 brothers and sisters!
You don't think she feels smothered, do you?!)

So anyway, you can imagine my insecurity when it came to girl hair. I just couldn't cut it myself. She needed a style, not some best-guess attempt. So off to Cookie Cutters we went, and asked for the cutest little bob we could get for $9.99. Never a tear, thanks to the horn that beeped on her chair, and a sweet little video. I, however, was completely overbearing and annoying (hey, I'm a fake beautician, dontchaknow)...
Bobbed (and stacked!) in the back, and angled so it's longer in the front. Super cute!
What kid could not be completely distracted in this crazy place?!
We celebrated our first of many girl spa days with lunch at McCalister's afterwards. I originally thought we would go short on her hair just until her bangs grow out, but now I'm loving the look. We may just have to keep it (it kind of goes with her spunky attitude, I must say)!


Cherry said...

So cute!!

I cut my suitemates hair in college once.. Its a miracle she still speaks to me after what I did! let's just say I didn't quite understand how to cut layers.. we'll leave it at that!!

and whats up with the hairstylists being so young? i got mine done at christina and company's education place on sat and i swear my girl wasn't out of hs. made me feel so old.

Mommy Jenny said...

Sounds very, very familiar there Ms. Whitney! However, due to Ryan's gift of fast hair growth - I only get about 3 weeks in between! I also have given up trying to keep up with Ryan and now just do the 4 boys and take Ellie out for salon dates as well! Then there's my hair...

Andrea Roberts said...

Addie needs her hair cut sometime soon, I don't know if I can do it though, so sad!