Thursday, October 14, 2010


Two of our nephews spent the night last Friday night. Trey and Ben were preparing to head to Florida for the week with Grandpa and Grandma Fincher. Dalen and Jack had been talking about a sleepover forever. So, five sweet boys played like best buddies all night, and giggled themselves to sleep all in the same room. I love it that they're getting older - all about the same ages - and can make awesome memories together.

So this weekend, we're doing it all over again! Teresa and Stephanie's families roll in tomorrow night, along with GrandDad and Grandma Cain (and their new RV!). We're planning to freeze our tushies off, otherwise known as tent camping at Prophetstown. Actually, the boys and the daddies are planning on freezing, while the moms and little ones hold down the fort back at the house overnight. We'll all meet up during the day to hang out at the campsite, and explore Prophetstown a bit. We may even hit a Pumpkin Patch if we ever decide to get motivated. One thing's for sure, we plan to eat and laugh a lot!

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Leanne said...

How fun! what special, precious memories! I almost started crying reading this. I miss the Mathews crew so much! Enjoy your time together!