Friday, October 29, 2010

All Dressed Up...

We don't celebrate Halloween. Or do we? Chase asked what there is to celebrate, and Trey told him that we celebrate getting candy. Sounds good to me.

And you need to know that there is a slight obsession with dressing up in our house. Not just on Halloween, but practically every day of the year. Our dress up bins are filled to the brim, and we like it that way. When Tess was born, the boys were so glad that she was a girl so they could finally add Tinkerbell to their cast. It's serious stuff when you play Peter Pan and there is no Tink. This boy needs to be an actor. Or maybe a youth pastor. I would like that. Or a car salesman. Something that puts all of that drama to work... I love this picture. Doesn't it look like it's out of a Pottery Barn magazine or something? Except for the fact that we pulled two outfits - already owned for quite some time - straight out of our dress up bin, and not purchased online for some insane amount of money. Pottery Barn magazines are not all bad, though. I'm getting quite skilled at flipping through them and getting all kinds of sweet ideas, only to replicate them at the clearance end-caps at Target. I'll have you know that my handsome husband chose to wear that puffer vest completely on his own tonight. See, I am rubbing off on him. :)

She really did have a good time... completely content to ride in the stroller and watch the boys go from house to house. She and I ended up heading back a bit early to the house to greet some of our own Trick-or-Treaters. The highlight of the night: when she spontaneously embraced Spiderman (another two year old, who was a complete stranger) for like two minutes straight. Counting the loot! Tyler is proud of our cute little tradition that he started: each kid writes in Sharpie on their plastic pumpkin their candy total for the year. So it looks something like this:

Jack - 2010 - 100 pieces.

Official totals for this year... Jack - 100, Trey - 101, Chase - 105, Tess - 2

I'd say in some small, happy way, that's reason to celebrate. :)

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Cherry said...

I am DYING DYING because when I saw that picture of your hubby the first thing i noticed was that puffer vest and i kid you not i thought wow, whit is finally rubbing off on him!! hahahahahahaha

and thought two was i needed to learn how you influence your man to do things like that because i do not have that skill!