Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's Fall, ya'll!

Nothin' like a day at the farm to start the Fall season off right! Jim and Mardi Lehe recently hosted our little playgroup from church and treated us to a fun morning filled with animals, fresh country air, a hayride, and a picnic lunch under a shade tree. It was a dreamy Fall day for sure...
Ah, one day she'll be able to button a coat over her big belly. Maybe.
Aboard the hayride with good friends. (Why is it that my boy is constantly surrounded by girls?? Because he loves them so!!)
Tess and her sweet friend Gunnar.
You can tell Chase is the third kid. We opted to skip preschool this day so he could enjoy the farm with us. Oh my, Jack would have never missed a preschool day. It would have felt too much like, well, skipping (gasp!). Thank goodness for a third-kid perspective. Plus, who misses preschool when you've got the farm? :)
Sat so, so still on the hayride, taking it all in...
And I had to throw in our latest Fall food creation... a work treat for Tyler to ease the pain of working the weekend during such great Fall weather (or worse, working a weekend during football season!).
Loving Fall!

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Cherry said...

hahaha I love the first pic of Tess with her coat, the look on her face... "sighs.. mom... please don't blog about this!" hahahah love it!!