Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dear November,

I thought we had a good thing going. I liked you and your short-sleeved shirt weather. We were good for each other. I thought the feeling was mutual. We had some great times together working, jumping, and playing. Life was simpler with you around. I want you and your beautiful colors back. Is that really too much to ask? Three rowdy boys like you as well. They need you almost as much as I do. They need to be outside to run fast, play hard, throw a football, and tackle in wide open spaces. They are longing for bike rides with neighbor kids, and fires in our back yard. They're lost without their daily collection of sticks, rocks, and small creatures (dead or alive, no matter). They just want some fresh air and to get a little dirty, for crying out loud. It all happened so fast. You were here, and just like a good cup of Chai that is empty before I know it, you were gone. I know, I'm getting a little sentimental in my old age. I know you have to go... I just wish you could have stayed around a little bit longer.

With much love and affection until you come again,


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