Saturday, December 4, 2010

You'll never guess...

This is me, with my big sunglasses and my big mouth (yikes) smiling really big. Why, you ask? Because the tree was up Thanksgiving weekend. If you know Mr. Practical, that's good. Real good. We're still suckers for live trees. Yes, we know about fire hazards, bugs, babies who eat pine needles and daddies who step on them, but we can't seem to pull ourselves away from the great outdoors and our little family tradition.

I'm actually surprised that we're still this committed, considering our track record. Maybe we should be committed for continuing on with our little annual stream of bad luck. You see, we've been known for our trips to the tree farm in the past. The Lord uses memorable family moments like these to keep me humble, I swear. I get laughs every year when the season comes around and I mention that we're planning to head out to the farm again.

Remember this year, and oh yes... who could forget this one? Yeah. So glad we can entertain you with our quickly-becoming-predictable mishap stories. So very funny to you. Not funny to me until much, much later. And don't you forget it.

But we're sentimental little suckers, who nowadays are tipping the balance a lot closer to forty than we are thirty. Approaching mid-life and officially beginning to get stuck in our ways. Strangely satisfying if you must know.

So the tree farm strikes again.

What stories will it hold this year? Stay tuned, my friends. Stay tuned...

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panana said...

That's not a 'big mouth.'
That's JOY.
Another wonderful photo of two beautiful girls. Hugs.