Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shutterfly to the rescue...

(This is us in 2008, trying to get a decent Christmas card picture. Smile... 'tis the season!)

I'm behind already. If you're a busy momma like me, you're probably wishing about now that God would miraculously add a few extra hours onto the end of each day. Seriously. I don't think there's a free day on our calendar for the rest of the month. At least it feels that way.

I have to admit that I almost scrapped Christmas cards this year. I'm quickly running out of time, and hasn't almost everyone had enough of my kids' pictures on Facebook anyway (uh, don't answer that)? Technology has definitely made it easier to stay connected throughout the year. But then I remembered my sweet Aunt Esther, who doesn't have a Facebook account. She writes me a note every year telling me how much she enjoyed my cheesy little family picture and Christmas letter. If for no other reason, I can't let Aunt Esther down.

And let's not forget how fun it is to be on the receiving end (please tell me you are as obsessed as I am)! Getting a Christmas card in the mail is like God's little encouragement to me for putting up with junk mail, a bazillion credit card offers and bills all year long. For nearly one whole month, I get to open my mailbox and drool over how cute other people's kids are and how much they've grown from last Christmas. Let's do this, people!

Short on time and ideas like I am this season? Shutterfly to the rescue. I'm super impressed with their selection of photo Christmas cards this year. It makes me happy that I can just pick the style I want instead of trying to come up with a design on my own (who has time for that anyway... and, if you're as artistically challenged I am, this will make you happy too). There are all types of styles to choose from. We are sticking with the one photo style card this year. Not necessarily because we're humble, but because one good shot - where everyone is looking and no one is picking their nose - is all you get with four small children.

While you're at it, make it easy on yourself and order matching address labels for your envelopes. Remember, this is the one time of year when we moms can try to pull off like we actually have our act together. Heh. And since you took all that time to coordinate outfits and bribe your kids into taking a decent picture (or so I hear that's what people do...), you should seriously display it year-round. I'm a huge fan of the new Canvas Wall Art from Shutterfly. I get tons of compliments on our canvas print. It's character makes it a clear stand-out from the rest of our wall hangings, and the quality makes it well worth the money.

So get on board this Christmas! For me, and for all of the sweet Aunt Esthers out there.

I'll be checking my mailbox every day in anticipation... :)


Megan said...

Whitney, I'm so glad you send out cards...keep 'em coming! I too LOVE Shutterfly. I even went all out with the matchy-matchy address labels. I'll have to check out the canvas prints...I think I'm seeing one in my future :) Hope to see you soon!!!

Leanne said...

I LOVE getting Christmas cards in the mail! And I even love sending them out and the whole process. Yes, I'm weird...or so my family thinks. ;-) We just got our pictures taken and ordered. Now to complete the rest of the task! I hope you will post a picture on here of your's! I'd love to see it! Or you could always send me one. ;-) Haha.

Christian & Katrina said...

I love Christmas cards! Especially the photo ones. I am sad to say we are not sending them this year. We are budgeting with a newborn, but I PROMISE to try again next year! Chris and I will both be sad if our not sending them out knocks us off other people's lists! LOL You guys always have the BEST photo, too. :) Enjoy the busy season. I hear this time doesn't last! We're doing a Jesse Tree for advent this year, by the way. So fun. Do post if you do something for your Christmas count-down. Miss you and your sweet clan! Trina