Monday, December 20, 2010

Trey is Eight!!

The December birthday boy always gets about three celebrations. Can anyone say overcompensation?! The first one is always a party early in the month, so he won't get missed around the holidays. The second one is on his actual birthday, when I send a birthday snack into school for his class, and we at least hit Chick-fil-A to recognize that we didn't forget his real birthday. And the third (or fourth or fifth...) happens during our Christmas get-togethers when we see our extended families. Geesh. You'd think he's special or something...

So a football party it was... and before the party started, he needed one special gift ahead of time so he could get in gear.

Jerseys all around, because when we say theme party, we mean it!!
The guests have arrived, and so have their game faces.
Make your own jersey. I'm sure every mom was so excited to see their boy's wet puffer painted shirt come home. Hey, if preschool can send home glittery, globby-glued messes, then so can I. :)
Showing off their newly molded mouthguards, thanks to Tyler's mad molding skills.
You know your boy is growing up when he gets an NFL grooming kit for a gift.
Very awesome, and very stinky.
Decorate-your-own football and helmet sugar cookies...
And Trey's one request... a game of football in the snow!
Happy Birthday to my sweet darlin', who lights up a room with his friendly personality, crooked smile, and sweet dimples. Every day is a little happier because Trey is in it.


Megan said...

Happy Birthday Trey!!!

Melissa said...

As a fellow "Week of Christmas Birthday Child", I appreciate the extra effort to make Trey's birthday special, so it doesn't just blend into Christmas.

When I saw the title, I couldn't believe it, eight already. Was it really eight years ago that you were pregnant watching Paige every Monday for me to go to NANC training? Where has the time gone!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good grief, woman! I want to come to your kid's birthday parties. ;) Love it!