Tuesday, February 1, 2011

An ode to snow and boys.

I know these pictures are blurry (Who messed with my camera settings anyway?? The options are almost endless!), but I'm settling on posting them anyway. I really did consider retaking them, but I'm not about to make everyone re-dress in their snow clothes to re-pose with a humble little snowman in a blizzard. Well, the blizzard that's supposed to be on it's way, anyway. Once upon a time I might have done that, but you already know how I threw my Hallmark photo-op dreams out the window. Something's gotta give, you know. Anyway, these pictures are precious to me since this is the first snowman the boys built all by themselves (with lots of help from their cousin Cade, who barely missed the photo-op). Not only that, this might be the first time that they've played in the snow when they were actually outside longer than the time it took to dress them in their snow gear. Now that's progress people. The boys are home from school today, and we're all a little hyper waiting for the blizzard to get here. I'd be a little worn out by all of their excitement if I wasn't just as bad as they are. Jack has followed the weatherman's blog with me for the past few days, and we have it all mapped out, scrutinizing how and when it all will happen. Tyler thinks I'm nuts for being a regular follower of his blog. I, however, am quite comfortable with my nerdy little contact with the outside world. That, a slight obsession with the Tipmont REMC Electric Consumer newsletter, and a daily trip to the mailbox keep me sane. :)

Although we're pumped about the snow (12+ inches coming??), I do wonder what we'll do stuck in the house with all of this boy-pent-up-energy this week. Five hours into our first snow day and I was super-gluing Jack's glasses back together. And people wonder what we moms do all day at home.

Storm chasing, and now glasses repair. It's a wild life I lead.

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