Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's not about me.

Today there are no cute kid pictures or funny stories to report... just me and my attitude that needed (still needs??) a little (ok, A LOT) adjusting. In the future I'm going to try really hard to be transparent and share more about what God has been stirring up in my heart lately. But for now, I wanted to share this inspiring piece that I just read (no, I don't read... only for Bible Study... and only because it's naptime... but I had a hard time concentrating even then because there's laundry to fold) from Joanna Weaver's book Having a Mary Spirit:

"The world has had enough of the up-and-comers, the pushers and the shovers, the proud and the confident who would sooner walk over someone than help them up. What the world needs, what the world is looking for, is authentic Christianity. The heart of a Savior, willing to lay down His life to save the world... exemplified by a humble and generous people who are willing to lay down their own agendas in order to love the world back to God."

"When we willingly bend and bow, when we embrace God's breaking as our making, when we make ourselves of no reputation, something beautiful happens. The life of Christ is released in us. And the fragrance... well, it is intoxicatingly attractive. But it only comes through brokenness, though the genuine beauty of true humility."

She finishes the chapter with the words I needed to hear today:

"There is only one God."

"And it isn't me."


Angela said...

Whitney!!!!! WOW! What an AWESOME surprise to see you link-up today!!! I've always LOVED your blog!! You made my heart jump for joy today!!! I LOVE your writing.....but I think I've already told you that!!! So glad you joined us today! Love you!



Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful words! Thank you for posting this!!!

Susan Evans said...

The fragrance of Christ emanates through our brokenness because when we lean on God more, He fills us up more. I love it!