Thursday, February 10, 2011


I'm struggling with this two year old lately. Good thing her big brother is around. He seems to have an abundance of patience for her when no one else does. Which is funny, because you wouldn't think his analytical, perfectionist, right-brained personality would fit well with her generally crazy, out-of-control approach to life.

When she wants to read a book, he quickly volunteers. He's always down on his knees hugging her on her level. He walks in the door from school and she runs to him and says, "I miiisssed you, Jackie." He looses all of his nine year-old pride and crawls around on the floor and plays "Dog" with her. If she cries, he's the first one there to console her. And when she's in trouble, oh my... he's a complete mess. He paces around nervously and can hardly stand it.

He just gets her. Maybe it's because he gave me a run for my money when he was a toddler too. These two are hard to crack sometimes on the exterior. But when they love... oh, how they love with such compassion and loyalty. I'm thankful for already having gone through the challenges of a "spirited" toddler once, to know that there is indeed hope when all of that intelligence and passion is channeled in the right direction.

Until then, God keeps me humble.

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Leanne said...

How precious that they have such a close relationship! I loved reading about it!