Monday, September 29, 2008


My brother Aaron got married this past weekend in Cincinnati - the final one of the five of us - bringing the number of stockings hanging from Dad and Kim's fireplace to a grand total of 23 this Christmas. Now that's just nuts. Large families are never dull, as Ashley is about to find out! Congratulations you guys! What a fun weekend... you should have seen my kids dancing with their dad at the reception (they certainly didn't get any of their moves from me, and boy am I glad!)! We are recovering today after three full days with no naps for the boys. The whining on the drive home told all.

I have no pictures to post until I steal some off of Cory and Steph, since we forgot our camera (it wouldn't have mattered anyway, because I didn't have a free hand to hold it). Hey, I remembered all of my kids and their toothbrushes too, so I consider the weekend a success. Well, except for that outburst from someone's two year old during the ceremony.

The officiant asks, "Who gives this woman to be married to this man?"

The father of the bride replies, "Her mother and I."

Chase waits until it is completely silent and announces loudly to the entire room, "DONE!" He obviously has had enough sitting still for one day.

The crowd roars with laughter, and I want to crawl under my seat. But wait, I can't. I have too many kids on my lap. And the newborn is starting to cry.

Did I mention that I went the entire evening without getting spit-up on my outfit once? I told you it was a success.

A big thank you to Aunt Patty, Teresa, Stephanie and Natalie for saving my tail more than once over the weekend by taking one or more of my children. They'll sit still someday, I just know it. Until then, all that really matters is that Aaron and Ashley are married. At least I think they are. I kind of missed that part when I had to step out with the baby who forgot that her only job all weekend was to sleep for that 15 minutes. Oh well. Four kids later, I'm actually cool with that.

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