Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A visit from "The Royal Family"

So yesterday was my day off -- and I'm hard at work at home: I'm holding Tess on the couch, watching Trey bowl on the Wii, and trying to figure out how I can play while sitting down holding Tess, when the doorbell rings. Trey darts to the door, opens it up, then runs back into the living room -- he doesn't know the couple standing at our door. Whitney heads to the door to see who it is and I hear her scream out with exceeding joy and laughter. I'm thinking she and the Schwan man are tighter than I thought. Or perhaps the time spent sending all those hopeful mailers back to Ed McMahon in high school is finally paying off. I was wrong on both counts. In walks this fine English pair, and it takes me few seconds to wrap my brain around who just walked into my living room. The fog clears, my memory returns, and I fill with the same excitement that Whitney expressed moments prior. This is one of the dear families we met in college on our mission trips to Formby, England. They have a son in Chicago and decided to road trip and pay a few old friends a visit in Indiana. We couldn't have been more thrilled. What a great afternoon strolling down memory lane, catching up, and bringing our worlds together once again. Thank you, Paul and Janice, for taking the time to drop in. We love all of the Lister family, and wish them all continued blessings from God.


panana said...

How exciting, after all these years. I hope you made them tea and used the English ivy-design china.

Melissa said...

How exciting. I remember them from our trip to Formby.