Monday, September 29, 2008

Miss Maddie

I am one thorough mom when it comes to homework. One of my favorite times of the day is when the boys get home from school and we get to review the completed papers shoved in their backpacks. So you know I had to ask Jack just who he was referring to when he wrote this little note on his paper. I was just sure he was thinking of his Mom when these sweet traits came to his mind. But after inquiring who he thought was "nice" and "preety," I realize now that I have some competition. Her name is Maddie, and she's smart too. And blond. I think I'm going to suggest to his teacher that he needs a little more work at his desk to keep him busy. Yeah, that's it. Let's keep him real busy.

1 comment:

mpaschal said...

That's cute! But, be sure to remind him there's a pretty cute redhead who thinks he's awfully neat.