Wednesday, September 17, 2008

SRS Post #2 - Because they're boys

Ok, since you all have been waiting, we're back to Rewinding our Summer! It's intense, I know. Who knows what you were expecting next, but trust me, if you could have been here, you would know that this turtle deserves a post all his own. I told you to keep your expectations low, remember? You get what you pay for. Anyway... In lieu of a trip to Disney World this summer (we weren't going anyway, but it sounds good with the story) due to my 9 month pregnant status, we saved this little guy's life in the middle of our street one day instead. You might argue with me, but the entertainment he provided these three might have competed with at least Epcot. Well, maybe. I'm just saying. We were on our way home from the last day of preschool. It was also the first day of my-house-is-going-to-be-trashed-the-rest-of-the-summer-because-all-they-want-to-do-is-play-outside. Try getting the 2 year old to stay in and help fold laundry with you while his brothers are on the other side of the window. It's pointless. And they're right, really. Winter inside just lasts way too long. Good thing there is less laundry in the summer (shorts, Crocs, and no shirts for these guys and you're good to go). We're maybe six houses down from ours on our drive home, and I skid to a complete stop as our turtle friend tries to cross the road ever so quickly. Why swerve around him, when you can take him back to your place? So with one hand on the wheel and one on the turtle, I drive the rest of the way home. I wondered if turtles were like frogs and always pee in your hand, but I think turtles must have larger bladders. That, or this turtle has never had a baby. Trey introduced himself and had many conversations with his new friend throughout the day. No, Trey doesn't know a stranger. Even a turtle stranger. He would have slept with him that night if I would have let him. I'd like to say that the boys shared him evenly, but let's just say that I was glad that he was still alive at the end of the day. They did make him a little home in a box full of grass and sticks, where he "slept" while the boys took their naps. That was because I wouldn't let him sleep in Trey's bed.
What else can he do? Well, not much really. But if you had these six hands on you for an afternoon, you'd stay in your shell too.

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Melissa said...

I love the picture of Jack just sitting there staring at the turtle. I am sure that he was dying for it to do something.