Saturday, April 9, 2011

Deals of the season!

We're in the middle of a busy weekend (and guess what, it's so warm outside that we don't even need our shiny new furnace; somehow I feel slightly cheated... kidding!), but I couldn't wait to share these great deals I got recently. One of my favorite tricks is to shop for kids clothes off-season. When I do this, I can get Gap clothes for Wal-Mart prices. Don't believe me? I got these sixteen pieces of clothing (mostly Fall shirts the next size up for the boys) all for $55.00. That averages out to three dollars and something per item. Wait, that's cheaper than Wal-Mart. And much better quality. Yeah, baby. Walgreens had some killer deals this week too (Bonus... double click on this pic to see the origin of Chase's favorite phrase when he gets in trouble: "But remember, Mom, you love me more than you love the table that I scratched..."). I paid $13 for everything in this picture. The Close-Up was 99 cents (half-off), so Tyler should be good on toothpaste until sometime next year. :) The Sillybandz were - get this - 4/$1.00!! These ridiculous things used to sell for five dollars each (why, oh why, couldn't I have invented them?). I realize they're not all the craze like they were a few months ago, but they're still fun to have on hand to throw in birthday gifts for school friends.

Every now and then I find some great deals here and here. What are your best money-saving tips?? Please share!

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Kim and Steve said...

WOW Whitney, GrandDad says you need to get out more! Nevertheless, you are a super, dooper blogger! :) Love Always