Thursday, April 21, 2011

Five years ago...

I was wondering if I would go into labor during the Easter service at church. :) I do remember having a few contractions, but Chase held on five more days, just so he could follow two important Daugherty baby trends - being late, and officially weighing over nine pounds. Thanks buddy. Not that I'm complaining... I should just be thankful that we made it to the hospital in time that day. The crazy kid was born thirty minutes after we walked through the hospital doors (uh, that would include registration and all), just after Tyler hyperventilated and I lost complete sanity. But oh, was he worth it! Thanking God for my third, sweet, almost Kindergartener boy today (who is napping now, hopefully recovering from his party at preschool, followed by a fun lunch playdate with three of his boy classmates...).

Happy 5th Birthday, Chase Dylan!!

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