Saturday, April 16, 2011

A first...

We experienced a first over Spring Break this year, and no, it wasn't just the "first" of replacing our furnace (although that was quite memorable as well... heh). For the first time ever, we took our kids to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. I know every other family in the state has been like a gazillion times, but we could never justify the trip since we've always had a little one(s) in severe need of a nap only a couple of hours after the museum opens. We know our limits, for better or worse. Jack and I went last year on a school fieldtrip, but it was a brand new gig for everyone else. I teared up when Chase walked through the entrance in complete awe, and had to remind myself that the biggest-deal kid place he had ever been in his life up to that point was Chuck E. Cheese. What a great moment.

Just so you know, we still have two kids who are still in severe need of an afternoon nap, but we thought we'd live life on the edge for once and give it a go anyway. Plus, we had to somehow redeem the week after it got off to such a rotten start (don't worry, we made it to Von's too!). More pics to come!

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Andrea Roberts said...

We also love that place! Addison went for her 2nd birthday this year. My favorite memory was also when we got inside and she couldn't wait to find Barbie and Dora! She kept saying "I'm so excited mommy!"
Hooray for the Children's Museum!